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Donnelly works with companies in a wide variety of industries.  Importantly, we recognize that each industry, and in fact each business, has its own needs and nuances. This is why we tailor our programs so that each client’s unique business is best served.

So whether you need an outbound program to reach current and prospective customers, an inbound program to maximize each purchase and service interaction with customers, or a feedback program so you can retain customers and further build loyalty, Donnelly can design a solution for your business!

Industries we serve include:

Industries served by ProCore Solutions, a division of Donnelly Communications, Inc.

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Donnelly provides companies the ability to exceed customer expectations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  CustomerTouch 360 offers customized programs to meet each client’s objectives.  

Donnelly offers comprehensive services in support of the three primary stages of the customer life cycle: acquisition, conversion, and retention. In a competitive world, CustomerTouch 360 provides Donnelly's clients with the necessary edge.

Contact us today and learn more about ways Donnelly Communications can help your company maximize revenue and better retain its valued customers.

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The quality driven processes created by Donnelly attract some of the most prestigious brands in the country.  These clients build their businesses around superb customer service. 

At Donnelly we are privileged to serve their valued customers and proudly represent their brands.

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